Dream Book 2016


It's impossible to capture all the people, projects, moments, conversations, ideas and energy that defined Dream Valley in 2015/16 but we've had a go. Introducing The Dream Book 2016.



140 pages of mountain magic.  Breakthrough moments for blocked founders. Ideas becoming businesses in alpine pastures.  Logos and manifestos emerging from snowy forests.  Connections sparking and starting fires. Talking business, technology, chalets, schools, organisational design, politics, energy, supermarkets, family, relationships, death, beer, depression, happiness, prototyping and tampon toxicity.  We laughed, we cried, we felt alive. All bottled up in a book for your pleasure.

We are printing 300 copies with a slamming coffee table hard matt finish cover. Oooooh yeah!! 

The Dream Book and Poster are free with this killer 2017 Community Membership Plan

Or you can buy a copy for £20 here