Entrepreneurs get back to basics in the deep winter winderness to take their vision to new heights, unblock thinking and collaborate in new ways.  

Dates: Friday 12th – Saturday 13th January 2018

Cost: £475+VAT (includes transfers, food, accommodation and everything else OTHER than flights).  We’ll show you which flights to choose from.

It’s a physical two days, mostly outdoors using your legs, lungs and every other part of your body.  It doesn’t require any particular skill, it’s low tech and there are no annoying instructors ‘managing your experience’. It’s us, our guide and the mountain.

Fitness-wise … If you can run 5k or walk for a day in the peak district without keeling over, you have more than enough fitness.

What you’ll get in terms of actual learning and outcomes

  • There’s no powerpoint or handout if that’s what you were hoping for

  • It will switch off your commuter brain and switch on your wise unconscious brain.

  • Semi-structured with inspiration along the way to help you make connections and solve problems you couldn’t figure out from your desk.


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