Seven Summits


Mountaineering. There is nothing quite like it.

Your seven summit journey starts with a day trip on a mole hill and finishes with a week long expedition to the highest point in Western Europe, the mighty Mont Blanc.  

With minimal fitness you can tackle summits one and two. By the time we reach Mont Blanc you will have all the skills and experience to consider yourself a seasoned mountaineer.

Take on 1, 2, 3 or all 7 summits.

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Le Mole - 1863m

Just 30 minutes from Geneva airport at the gateway to dream valley.  Fly out early, up, down and out in the same day.  

100euro per person includes transfers, picnic and guiding.

Autumn 2016



Pic De Marcelly - 1999m

Classic summit looms over the west end of dream valley.  We approach from the col de rammaz following an outstanding ridge line.

Fly out the evening before, start after a leisurely breakfast then back down and out for an evening flight.

Spring 2017



Pointe de Sales - 2497m

Fearsome sentinal standing proud above the pictoresque village of Sixt Fer a Cheval.  

An early flight lands you in dream valley for midday. Hike along and up past the waterfalls and wildlife to overnight in the refuge de sales.  After breakfast we head up, up and away to the awesome jutting promontary summit before descending back down into dream valley for a square meal and a good nights rest and an early flight out the next day.

Autumn 2017



Pointe de Bellegarde - 2514m

A classic up and over route through dramatic scenery.

Early flight in before a long afternoons hike up to dinner, sunset beer and overnight stay at refuge de follys.  Next morning we hike up past a glacial lake and scramble to point de bellegarde.  Our descent takes a different line down the other side of the mountain and finishes up at the spectacular cirque fer cheval for an evening BBQ before bed.  Fly home next morning.

Spring 2018



Mont Buet - 3096m

The biggest and best peak in Dream Valley historically known as Mont Blanc for Ladies.

Fly in early and hike up to Grenairon refuge for sundowners.  Early start along the ridge line past the impressive cathedral looping around the cirque de fonts to the roped section on the arrete before the summit.  High fives and back slapping around midday and then a long haul back down for celebratory beers back at basecamp.

Autumn 2018



Domes de Miage - 3673m

The long snow-covered ridge of the Dômes de Miage is one of the most beautiful ridges of the Massif du Mont Blanc.

Arrive in the afternoon for mission briefing and kit check.  Set out for refuge de conscrits spending an afternoon on the glacier learning high alpine mountaineering skills.  Hike in crampons and axes along and over the summit ridge and back to basecamp for a good nights rest. Fly out next morning.

Autumn 2018



Mont Blanc - 4809m

The highest mountain in western europe is a character building endeavor.

Because Mont Blanc is a gruelling high altitude summit with scrambling and glacier travel, a one week program is needed to build stamina, aclimitise to the altitude and practice mountaineering skills.  The training days take on Gran Paradiso, the highest mountain in Italy at 4061m.

Summer 2019


We are putting together a team. Register here to join.