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Marketing agency Propellernet wanted to encourage innovation so they gifted one person from each of 5 departments the opportunity to take part in a 3 day mystery adventure in the mountains. Participants were provided with instructions of what to bring and what to expect in the form of the rhyme below. They left civilisation behind and went deep into the alpine wilderness with nothing more than a small back pack. 3 days later they returned with big smiles, great ideas and new freindships. 

Budget: £6000

Included: 6 people, 3 days, 2 nights, adventure guides, airport transfers, food, drink, technical equipment rental and support. 

Not Included: Flights

If you would like us to organise a similar adventure for your team, send us an email and we'll give you a call to discuss



What to Bring

The mountains are calling and soon you must go, be prepared when you do cos you never quite know

It could be red hot but it could be ice cold, it could be torrential or so I am  told

The mountains are calling and soon you must go, who knows we may all end up knee deep in the snow

A good waterproof jacket to keep yourself dry, this one is essential so beg, borrow or buy

Bring sensible shorts or good trousers to wear, and waterproof over trousers if you have them to spare

Bring some sturdy footwear for uneven ground, but wear them before or your blisters compound

Bring a thick warm fleece layer for the starry night sky, in a warm wooly hat you’ll be toasty as pie

Base layer or T-Shirt, ideally not cotton or the sweat will congeal and the smell may be rotten 

Choose underwear comfy, keep toiletries light, just toothbrush and paste and earplugs for at night

We may find a loo but you won’t see a shower, so deodorant comes handy to make it less sour

And I dare say at last and by no means not least, a ruck sack to carry these lovely things east

Leave space in your pack for lunches and water, we'll give you these things at the time when we oughta

We will leave the mad world, leave it far far behind, and head to a place of rare solace to rewind

Uncoil and unfurl all your stresses and woes, breathy deeply the air, feel the dew on your toes

The mountains have something to say to you all, so open your hearts and don’t try to be cool

You’ll come as a team but you’ll leave as a tribe, and you’ll take home a bond which will carry a vibe

The mountains are calling and soon you must go, to connect with an ancient and mystical flow

If you have questions now or nearer the time, just email and I will respond with a rhyme