Community Investment Fund


Saving for the future makes sense, but it's broken...

  1. I put my savings into an ISA which the corporate banks gamble on an oil pipeline in a warn torn country.

  2. I buy shares in plcs I dont know or trust via the stock market. 

  3. I put money into a pension and 20 years later it's all gone. The latest in a string of pension scandals.

  4. I invest in buy to let property and put house prices out of reach for future generations.  

I invested the profits of my first company Propellernet to create my second company Coverage Book. Both are going very well under the capable leadership of Nikki Gatenby and Gary Preston so my mindset has shifted from purposeful entrepreneur to impact investor.

I've spent the last year immersed in the world of startups. Adventures which took me from Cape Town to Chennai. I've worked with hundreds of founders, assesing people and their ideas while pondering what sort of investment would make sense to me.

I am coming to the conclusion that i would invest in

  1. People i know and trust.

  2. People with ideas that make life better for humanity.

  3. Experienced people with a tested business model.

  4. People who have no interest in selling out.

  5. People like Ruth and Amy Anslow (HiSbe), Penina Shepherd (Acumen Business Law), Tom Druit (The Big Lemon), Chris Drummond (Crafted Crate), Carlos Saba & Laurence McCahill (Happy Startup School), Anthony Prior (The Bagelman), Liz Kirby (Wild Dog Safaris), Kumaran Mani (Tenth Planet), Ray Richards (Do Something Different)

Investing in these people makes sense because (1) they are my freinds and (2) they are working to create long term value (3) my money saves the world instead of fucking it up (4) I reckon they will all smash it.  So I asked a few of these if i could become an investor, and they said yes.  They saw value in having someone with my exprience and philosophy as an investor.

I then realised that if saving for the future is broken for me, then perhaps it's broken for others.  I asked a few people and sure enough it was broken for them to. Light bulb moment.

So what if.........we all invest in each other?  What if we created a fund where we can all save our money and it gets invested within our community?

Our money delivers a great return because these companies are focused on long term value.  Better still, we enable passionate visionaries to acheive their dreams of a better world which we all get to live in.  Our future security and financial freedom no longer linked to a broken system. 

When employees at my company want to put their money into a pension, we offer them a standard crappy corporate pension scheme and that really bugs me. It would be far better to be able to offer them something like this.

Say 500 people saved £50 a month . Thats £25,000 every month accumulating in our fund.  We could invest in carbon neutral electric buses for The Big Lemon or a new HiSbe store or a Crafted Crate beer bottling plant or a school for our creative kids and tomorrows purpose driven entrepreneurs.

If this idea is of interest and you want to be part of the conversation please drop your name and email address on this form.

We'd also like to hear from people with experience setting up investment funds and pension schemes. People who can take care of the compliance and legalities.